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A Devised Work

Creative Team


Scenic Design: 

Costume Design:

Lighting Design:

Sound Design:

Projection Design:


Andy Arden-Reese

Madeline Goddard

Bella Rasdal

Jessica Wall

Matt Hubbs


Justin Chauncey @jcpimages

Created in reaction to En Folkenfiende, an adaptation of Ibsen's Enemy of the People, [REDACTED] is a movement based piece which deconstructs, comments on and interprets the narrative and ideas of Ibsen's show. The show is constructed of 5 component pieces by five different directors compiled into a 1 hour long experience of movement, poetry and story. The common thematic core which developed in the middle of all five pieces was the challenge of the human struggle with one's own humanity while confronting that of others. The themes of conformity, freedom of speech, community, collective destruction and poison also make appearances in the different components.

"Our task is not necessarily to explain the play or to retell the same stories the play is already doing, but to shed light on hidden corners, enter spaces glossed over in the play, uncover secrets, and expose that which has been covered.”

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