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I am an artist and collaborator based in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up on the west coast, you are surrounded by a rich, diverse ecosystem filled with mountains, oceans, forests and endless rain. As such, the world I inhabited has heavily inspired my work in exploring how nature shapes the way we live while we also mold it to our standards. Because of this, I love to explore the juxtaposition of both the natural and unnatural, almost fantastical world through many different mediums, whether it be through light, a pen and tablet or sitting at the edge of the water with a sketchbook and a pencil. 

I always like to think, that every piece of art is just a bit of magic added to the world each day, and that when the final brush stroke is placed, or the curtain is lifting, that's when we get to share that

magic with the world. 

As long as there is art, there is magic.

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