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Funnyhouse of a Negro

Adrienne Kennedy

Creative Team


Scenic Design: 

Costume Design:

Lighting Design:

Sound Design:

Projection Design:


Chelsea Harrison

Gaya Chattergee

Sharone Malka

Jessica Wall

Chris Darbassie



Funnyhouse of a Negro is a modern classic about the student Sarah, a young black woman living in New York City and her search for her identity in a very complex, warring, and fractured world. This search is manifested in her many selves: Queen Vicoria, the Duchess of Hapsburg, Patrice Lumumba and Jesus Christ. She was a bastard child of cultures that were not her own, despite being deeply ingrained in her. Cultural Schisms and racial America are at the forefront of a play dismantling the romanticism of race and shining a light on the depth of the damage institutionalized racism has inflicted.

May 20th - June 1st 2020, Cancelled March 12 due to the rising numbers of Corona Virus cases in New York City

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