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Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens

Janet Hood and Bill Russel

Creative Team


Scenic Design: 

Costume Design:

Lighting Design:

Sound Design:

Projection Design:


John Thornton

Ellery Pierce

Jasmine Canjura

Jessica Wall

Bryson Ezell


Sam McHale @sammchale98

Elegies is a Song Cycle and poem dedicated to the AIDS crisis and performed with a large, diverse cast as a cabaret event. Poems depict the lives people led before they died with AIDs, while the songs reminisce on the dead from the perspective of those who survived. The result is a deeply moving show that toys with your heart the whole time.

March 26th - March 28th 2020, Cancelled March 14 due to the rising numbers of Corona Virus cases in New York City

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