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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I commission you? What is the commission process?

Interested clients may email me through the email listed on my Contact Me page with my commission form to request a commission. If I accept, I will reply with a quote that establishes the cost of your commission which will be a valid quote for up to 6 months and you will be added to the Tello queue. I will draw a sketch[s] of your commission[s] and send them for approval before requesting payment through a Paypal invoice. Once paid, I will continue to work on your commission until it is complete, sending you any files necessary should I need clarification on details or fine tuning prior to completion.

When your commission has been finished, I will send you the file via a Google Drive file. You may then request 1-3 minor changes to the piece before an additional charge will be incurred. I will keep the file for 1 month after which you will need to save it yourself. 

Q. What is the design process? 

The design process starts with me taking the form you have sent me and generating 2-3 approaches to the design as a simple side view sketch. After approval of this sketch, I will request payment through Paypal invoice. Once paid, I will come back to you with 2-3 coloured versions of the design approach you have approved.


Once you have settled on a particular approach with any applicable edits, I will begin work on the actual image, one which has a more dynamic pose in a simple lined style to showcase the design. I will send you the lines for approval, and streaming is an option once I am colouring your piece to ensure you get a design as close as possible to your vision and likes.

When your commission has been finished, I will send you the file via a deviantart file. You may then request 1-3 minor changes to the piece before an additional charge will be incurred. I will keep the file for 1 month after which you will need to save it yourself. If I streamed the commission, you may only request 1 change.

Q: What kind of payment do you take?
I operate exclusively through Paypal, with USD as my primary currency.

I occasionally accept payment in Deviantart Points for payments less than $20

Q: Do you accept Payment Plans?
No. I do not feel that the prices I am charging warrant a payment plan as no piece will ever cost more than $175 at the highest possible level of add ons, and the vast majority of my prices are $100 or lower.

Q: Do you take requests, art trades or collabs?

Requests: NO. Unless I am explicitly offering these, do NOT solicit me for free work. You will be added to my blacklist and banned immediately. ​I do enjoy giving people free art and surprising people with gifts, but someone demanding I make them work for free takes out all the fun of randomly giving out gifts.

Trades: YES! I'd love to. Feel free to hit me up and I'll let you know if I have spare time. I love getting art from others of my characters. Best time is if art fight is going on, otherwise my time is limited and I may not always have time. Paid commissions always come before trades.

Collabs: Preferably mutuals only, but feel free to ask. The only thing I won't do in a collab is lineart as its such a frustrating thing for me to do and I just really dislike it. I would love to collab with people on YCH or adopt pieces more so than personal pieces.

Q. Can I commission you for commercial work?
No. I do not do commercial work and you may not use any piece you receive from me in merch, prints, shirts, other products/intellectual property, etc. You are only paying for personal use commissions.

Q: Can I order multiple commissions?
Yes! Just be sure to fill out the form multiple times (in the same email)

Q: May I repost my commission on my own accounts / gallery / social media?
Yes...and no.

You may upload to these sites, no questions asked, as long as you link credit:
Deviantart: Behlair (I will be posting to this site)

FurAffinity: Behlair (I will be posting to this site)

Tumblr: BehlairsObservatory (I will be posting to this site)

Twitter: BehlairArt (I will be posting to this site)

Discord: Behlair #0444 Behlair

Refsheet: (no account here)

Charahub: (no account here)

Caard: (no account here)

Artfight: Behlair

Your personal website for character storage

Please do not upload to these sites:


Instagram (I have a personal dislike of their TOS)

If the site is not listed here, please ask.  

Q: is it possible to request something not classified on your Commission info?
Maybe! The best way to know is to check. 

If you see something in my gallery you like and would like to order something in that vein (such a painted bust or something similar), feel free to ask by sending in a quote request. I am also willing to work with you on something else to create a customized quote for an original work. 


Please do not request for me to imitate another artist's style. 

Q: What kinds of NSFW work are you willing to do?

I do not draw NSFW stuff. I will automatically decline any request for this kind of art, and I ask that you please respect my decision in this matter. Please do not solicit me for this work. 


Q: What do you use for your work?

I use a combination of Photoshop CC and Medibang Paint Pro. 

My tablet is a Cintiq 13" HD.

Q: What is your artistic training?

I have no formal post-secondary fine arts training. My schooling background is in Theatre Production, 

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