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Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens

Janet Hood and Bill Russel
Playwrights Horizon Theatre School | Robert Moss Theatre | New York, NY

Directed by John Thornton
Scenic Design by Ellery Pierce
Costume Design by Jasmine Canjura
Lighting Design by Jessica Wall

Sound Design by Bryson Ezell

Photography by Sam McHale (@Sammchale98)

Elegies is a Song Cycle and poem dedicated to the AIDS crisis and performed with a large, diverse cast as a cabaret event. Poems depict the lives people led before they died with AIDs, while the songs reminisce on the dead from the perspective of those who survived. The result is a deeply moving show that toys with your heart the whole time.

March 26th - March 28th 2020, Cancelled March 14 due to the rising numbers of Corona Virus cases in New York City

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