Jessica Wall

Lighting Designer & Illustrator

A Devised Work

Directed by Attilio Rigotti
Scenic Design by Phi Le
Costume Design by Daniella Goytizolo
Lighting Design by Jessica Wall

Sound Design by Ellery Pierce

Projection Design by Attilio Rigotti

Photography by Daniella Goytizolo and Justin Chauncey


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Daemon is a meditation on the in-between. Between life and death, mortality and divinity, the rational and irrational, and the physical and digital, Daemon tackles the hard questions of the human experience. In exploring transhumanism, liminality, consciousness and the body, the audience must grapple with these ideas alongside the cast. 

"A dæmon, neither god nor mortal, but in-between, constantly in-motion"

- Attilio Rigotti


A Devised Work

Directed by Andy Arden-Reese
Scenic Design by Madeline Goddard
Costume Design by Bella Rasdal
Lighting Design by Jessica Wall

Sound Design by Matt Hubbs
Photography by Justin Chauncey @JCP Images


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Created in reaction to En Folkenfiende, an adaptation of Ibsen's Enemy of the People, [REDACTED] deconstructs, comments on and interprets the idea of humanity, freedom of speech, community and collective destruction.  

"Our task is not necessarily to explain the play or to retell the same stories the play is already doing, but to shed light on hidden corners, enter spaces glossed over in the play, uncover secrets, and expose that which has been covered.”

-Andy Arden-Reese


Alice Birch

Anatomy of a Suicide

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Directed by Caroline Flynn
Scenic Design by Trevor Wang
Costume Design by Neil Stevenson
Lighting Design by Jessica Wall

Sound Design by Daniel Holzman
Photography by Audrey Lee

Three generations of women all pained by what came before them are caught up in a cycle of trauma and death as they try to understand the decisions which created the painful legacy. For each woman, the chaos presents a challenge they must face against the pressure of their lives.

"I have Stayed. I have Stayed - I have Stayed for as long as I possibly can."


A Devised Work

Directed by AYA Taur and Cati Kalinoski

Scenic Design by Karen Kitchell

Costume Design by Karen Kitchell
Lighting Design by Jessica Wall

Sound Design by AYA Taur
Photography by Jessica Wall


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CIDE is an examination of self-death as it exists in our daily lives in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. In every moment of every day, we are dying. Our skin flakes and leaves us, our emotions rise and fall, our minds forget and remember, and our soul continues its journey home. Through the limits of the human body in a context-less world, 5 characters come to terms with their non-existence as they are suspended in time at the moment of their individual suicides.