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Client Agreement

​My terms of service applies to all forms of art from me, be it from a commission, design sale or a gift. Please read it thoroughly if you are considering purchasing anything from me.

​By commissioning me, and upon payment of an invoice for a digital illustration you consent to the following terms of service. 

Last Update: 24/05/2020 

Terms of Service

---- General Terms ----
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason

  • Users found to be violating major rules of my TOS, falsely bidding, or repeatedly breaking minor rules despite warning, will be blocked from my art sales and adoptables.

  • Upon payment of a PayPal invoice sent by me, you agree to abide by my Terms of Service.

---- Payment and Refunds ----
  • All payments are to be made in USD, via Paypal invoice or through my link.

  • Devientart points are accepted for pieces under $20. Deviantart point payment MUST be made through their commission widget. If you send it by any other means I will send them back and ask you to resend them properly.

  • Payments must be made within 48 hours (2 days) of receiving the invoice. If you need more time, let me know and an extension or payment plan can be discussed.

  • All sales are final as soon as the piece has been completed. 

  • Refunds are not allowed. A refund will immediately be issued in case of error on my part or incorrect payment.

  • If you issue a charge back on paypal you will be immediately blocked from purchasing my art/adoptables in the future and the rights to your piece will be revoked. 

---- Process ----
  • Upon ordering, you will be added to my Trello queue

  • After payment has gone through I will provide you with a sketch within 1 week. You may ask to pay after receiving a sketch.

  • At the sketch stage you may ask for as many changes as you want. If you request changes, a new sketch will be sent in 1-3 days. A total of 3 re-works (defined as large changes requiring the re-drawing of the entire sketch) will be made before a price is added on ($0.50 per additional overhaul). Small changes require no additional fee.

  • Lineart commissions will receive the final with no other updates unless requested. 1 major change can be made to the final piece before a price is added on ($1-$3 per large change). Small changes require no additional fee.

  • Painted commissions will receive an additional update when colours have been blocked in. 1 major change can be made to the blocking piece, however composition changes will no longer be made. No major changes will be made to final painted pieces.

---- Terms of Use: Images ----
  • You may only use your artwork for personal use. You may not, under any circumstances, use the art for commercial purposes.

  • You may trade, resell or regift commissioned artwork WITH the design/character it was purchased for.

  • You may not assign a monetary value to gifted artwork.

  •  You may not trace or alter the original artwork created by me.

  •  You may not claim that you are the creator of the artwork

  •  Please see my FAQ for where I am ok with my art being re-uploaded. Please ask permission to post it on other sites not listed and include a link for credit (for example, I do not want my art posted on Amino).

---- Terms of Use: Adoptables ----
  • Any adoptable of mine has no restrictions on use after purchase.

  • My original adopt art applies to all above rules under <Terms of Use: Images>

  • You may not commercially profit off of my original artwork, however you make make your own art and sell that. (ex. don't make a shirt out of my design using my art, but you can make a shirt out of my design using your own art)

  • You may resell at whatever price you see fit, regardless of added art or original purchase price.

  • Guest designs abide by their species' TOS. ​

---- Terms of Use: The Artist ----
  • I retain the intellectual property copyright to all my work.

  • I have the right to display all original artwork in my online galleries and use them for portfolio and/or promotional purposes. You may ask to keep your commission private and I will not upload it to my galleries

  • I will never resell or profit off of commissioned work. 

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