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Sketch YCH Information


These special sketch YCHs are pre-made backgrounds which can be purchased to have your character drawn on them. Please review the following information and links for more information.

Basic Information:
  • Each background starts at a base price of $50 USD and goes up depending on complexity as per my regular commission rates. ex. backgrounds with complex buildings cost more than backgrounds with simple plants. 

  • The base price includes 1 character. Every additional character is $20.

  • Each background is in a completed state. What you see is what you get. 

  • You can choose to have your character drawn in the sketchy painterly style, or a loose lineart style (examples below) at no extra cost. 

  • The information beside each image represents whether feral or anthro characters are best, and the max number of character which can be added into the picture.

  • Greyscale images of figures represent only one option of posing within the image. You may request any posing you'd like. 

Will Draw
  • Fantasy Creatures

  • Real Animals

  • Pets

  • Anthropomorphic Characters

  • ​Humanoids

  • ​Blood/Certain Gore

Won't Draw
  • Humans

  • Copyrighted Characters

  • Fandom Characters (There are exceptions, ask)

  • ​NSFW anything

  • Fetishes/​Extreme Gore/Mutilation

  • Political Material

  • Without a reference

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