Commission Information


Thank you for your interest in commissioning me. For your convenience, please check out the following, helpful links. 

Interested in placing an order or looking to get a quote? Contact me here:

Commissions are CLOSED

Commissions are closed at this time. If you are interested in a piece, please watch my Deviantart or Twitter for YCH offerings.

Will Draw
  • Fantasy Creatures

  • Real Animals

  • Pets

  • Anthropomorphic Characters

  • ​Humanoids

  • Nature

  • Man-made Structures

  • ​Blood/Mild Gore

Won't Draw
  • Human Faces

  • Copyrighted Characters

  • Fandom Characters (There are exceptions, ask)

  • ARPG (art roleplay game) import characters

  • ​NSFW anything

  • Fetishes

  • ​Extreme Gore/Mutilation

  • Political Materials


Single Character, style varies

"Sticker Chibi"

Black lines, white outline, painted colours, no shading
No humanoids (anthro ok)

Coloured lines, no outline, painted or hard colours, shading
No humanoids (anthro ok)


Single Character, posed to fit their personality. prices listed are base prices and may increase based on the complexity of the character.


"Flat coloured"

Coloured lines, colouring, no shading

"Cell Shading"



No lines, soft or hard shaded


*Currently Unavailable*

"Custom Design"

+$20-40 on above options

Examples are all shown as 'flat coloured'

*Currently Unavailable*


A fully painted illustration including a full background, 1-2 characters and shading. Please ask for a quote before ordering to ensure the best price possible.


"Nature Background"

Anything which falls within the scope of natural occurrence

$60 base (No characters)

+$30 for each character

+$20-$80 for complexity of elements

+$10-$40 for larger canvases (for printing)

"Urban Background"

Anything involving architecture

*Currently Unavailable*

A piece which includes any kind of building or vehicle or non-natural structure. Base price is for a partial building and goes up steeply from there.

$100 base

+$30 for each character

+$50 flat for cityscape/indoor scenes.

+$50-100 for complexity of elements/amount of details

+$10-$60 for larger canvases (for printing)


Varied styles to try new brushes and experiment with people's characters. These styles tend to rotate. If it is no longer listed here, I am no longer interested in doing them.

"Painted Banner"
​One character only